Mingqi Liu

Curriculum Vitae



Career Overview

I have six years of experience in bioinformatics analysis for Mass Spectrometry based proteomics. As a

principal member for data analysis in the laboratory, I have participated in many national research

projects such as the human live proteome project. The core focus of my research has been

developing novel methods for protein glycosylation study. The main contribution in my Ph.D study is

development of a novel software package for high-throughput intact glycopeptide analysis in complex





Personal Details

Date of birth:

August 17th, 1985







Current Position:

2014-present      Postdoc at Institute of Biomedical Science, Fudan University




2010-2013    Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry. Fudan University

2007-2010    Master's Degree, Analytical Chemistry. Fudan University




Mingqi Liu, Yang Zhang, Yaohan Chen, Guoquan Yan, Chengpin Shen, Jing Cao, Xinwen Zhou, Xiaohui Liu,

Lei Zhang, Huali Shen, Haojie Lu, Fuchu He and Pengyuan Yang. An efficient and accurate glycopeptide

identification pipeline for high-throughput site-specific N-glycosylation analysis. J. Proteome Res., 2014,

13(6), 3121C3129


Hong Wang, Wei Zhang, Jian Zhao, Lei Zhang, Mingqi Liu, Guoquan Yan, Jun Yao, Hongxiu Yu and

Pengyuan Yang. N-glycosylation pattern of recombinant human CD82 (KAI1), a tumor-associated

membrane protein. J Proteomics. 2012, 75(4), 1375-85


Chengpin Shen, Yanyan Yu, Hong Li, Guoquan Yan, Mingqi Liu, Huali Shen and Pengyuan Yang. Global

profiling of proteolytically modified proteins in human metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines

reveals CAPN2 centered network. Proteomics. 2012, 12(12), 1917-27


Yanyan Yu, Mingqi Liu, Guoquan Yan, Yifeng He, Congjian Xu, Huali Shen and Pengyuan Yang.

Hydrazide-functionalized magnetic microspheres for the selective enrichment of digested

tryptophan-containing peptides in serum. Talanta. 2011, 85(2), 1001-6


Yanhan Chen*, Mingqi Liu*, Guoquan Yan, Haojie Lu and Pengyuan Yang. One-pipeline approach

achieving glycoprotein identification and obtaining intact glycopeptide information by tandem mass

spectrometry. Mol. BioSyst., 2010, 6, 2417-2422


Mingqi Liu, Yang Zhang, Yaohan Chen and Pengyuan Yang. Novel Strategy for Glycopeptide Database

and High-throughput Searching. Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities, 2010, 31(10), 1916-1918



Presentation (Talks and Posters):


Mingqi Liu, Yang Zhang, Yaohan Chen and Pengyuan Yang. Glycopeptide profiling and the importance

of glycan database. In "4th Asian Communication for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology", 28th-31st,

October, 2012, Jeju Island, South Korea. (Talk)


Mingqi Liu, Yang Zhang, Yaohan Chen, Guoquan Yan, Haojie Lu and Pengyuan Yang. Development of

high-throughput N-glycopeptide profiling in serum. In "HUPO 2011 10th Annual World Congress",

4th-7th, September, 2011, Geneva, Switzerland. (Poster)


Mingqi Liu, Yang Zhang, Yaohan Chen and Pengyuan Yang. Development in Serum glycosylation

profiling. In "The 7th CNHUPO Annual Congress & The 3rd International Forum of Proteomics", 15th-18th,

April, 2011, Hangzhou, China. (Talk)


Mingqi Liu, Yang Zhang, Yaohan Chen, Fuchu He and Pengyuan Yang. Automated high-throughput

glycopeptide identification software C GRIP: Glycopeptide Revealing and Interpretation Platform. In

" HUPO 2010 9th Annual World Congress", 19th-23rd, September, 2010, Sydney NSW, Australia. (Poster)