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Education & Training



Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China.


MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tarim University, Xinjiang, China


BS in English

XingTai University, Hebei, China

Research experience

2016.08-present           Associate professor

School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China



The Excellent Wall Paper Award, The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society Proteomics Committee of China, 2016.05

Second Class Prizes of The Second Conference of Actinomycetes Biology and Industrialization Award, 2014.12

Excellent Graduation Thesis Award, Tarim University, 2013.06

The National Scholarship Award, The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (MOE), 2012.12

The Excellent Graduate Students Award, Tarim University, 2012.05

Excellence Award of The 2nd Graduate English Speaking Invitational Competition in Northwest Area, Shanxi Province, 2011.04



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张利莉, 陈正军, 李艳宾, 关统伟, 夏占峰, 张瑶, 张娇, 吕玲玲. 一种分离盐环境放线菌的培养基及其应用,专利号:ZL 201210450124.0


Meeting and seminar presentations  

1.      Cold Spring Harbor-Asia: UBIQUITIN FAMILY, AUTOPHAGY & DISEASES, Suzhou, China, April 18-22, 2016 (short talk)

2.      The 18th International Symposium on the Biology of Actinomycetes. ICC, JEJU, Korea, May 23-27, 2017 (Abstract)

3.      The 13th International Symposium on the Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms. Wuhan, China, Oct 16-20, 2016 (Poster and Abstract)

4.      The 9th CNHUPO Annual Congress. Xiamen, China, May 19-23 (Poster and Abstract)

5.      The Second Chinese Symposium on Actinomyces Biology and Industrialization. Guanzhou, China, Dec 7-9, 2014 (short talk)